NKY Fencing Academy (NKFA) - Classes and Camps

Regular classes

Regular class structure (Tue, Wed, Thur): Group class, followed by open fencing. Fencers must complete intermediate epee session (or have equivalent experience) to join ongoing classes.
Registration: One-time $40 registration fee (waived if you completed beginners and intermediate sessions with us).
One night per week - $80/month. Two nights per week - $130/month. Unlimited pass - $150
Drop-in class fee per night: $20.
Open fencing floor fee: $10. College students open fencing floor fee: $5

Private lessons: $25 per 20 minute for one-on-one instruction. Private lessons are scheduled during the open fencing time, 7-8:30 pm on Tue/Thur. We use signup genius for scheduling private lessons.

Schedule lessons with COACH MATT

Schedule lessons with COACH NED

USA Fencing Association (USFA) membership is required to fence with us. We are USFA sanctioned club and are governed by USFA. It is mandatory to maintain current USFA membership at either competitive ($75) or non-competitive ($10) membership level.

To signup or renew your USFA membership go to USFA website and follow instuctions on how to join.

See you on the piste!

“Confodere populus et grande tempus!” ~ We stab people for fun!