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Our son, Milosh was born in 2010, and immediately went into heart failure that caused his organs to start shutting down. The culprit was Barth Syndrome. This is a serious and complicated mitochondrial disorder that has many different manifestations. It affects primarily males and causes cardiomyopathy, neutropenia, growth delays, underdeveloped skeletal structure and muscle weakness. Milosh fought through two heart failures, numerous organ failures and ended up with a heart transplant in April of 2011. Milosh is the strongest and sweetest person you will ever meet.

NKY Fencing Academy came to exist to help my family fight the unknown future. NKFA helps us raise awareness and funds for Barth Syndrome Foundation (BSF). that provides grants for life saving research and treatment options for all individuals affected by Barth Syndrome. Proceeds from our tournaments and a percentage of sales from our Team 301 sponsored tournaments go to BSF in Milosh's name. His sister Bella is his #1 fan, and the best sister. Ever.

Here is a short KET video from April 2016, when NKY Tribune did a story on NKFA for KET - Inside Northern Kentucky edition.

Team 301 refers to our building on 301 Elm St, in Ludlow, KY. We share this amazing space with Wynners Cup Cafe coffee shop and Second Sight Spirits artisan distillery! Few times throughout the year we all come together and show off our skills in a fun filled day for a whole family!

Barth Syndrome Foundation (BSF)

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Second Sight Spirits

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